Stories with the Principal

Mrs. Quinones-Nelson:
Good evening Oakdale Students. How are you? I am going to start reading some bedtime stories on a quarterly basis, so if you ever want listen to Mrs. Quinones-Nelson read a bedtime story to you, than just log on to our website.

Our first story is “10 Minutes till Bedtime,” by Peggy Rathmann. We have a little boy here playing with hamsters. Do you think he will be ready for bed in ten minutes? Let’s see. Ten minutes till bedtime. Looks like this little boy is getting his water ready for the hamster. He has his slippers on. Getting ready, and the hamster is on the hamster wheel. He has a funny little conductor outfit on, doesn’t he? Are we ready for the story? Maria are you ready? Kelvonte are you ready?

Testing 1, 2, 3. “Ten minutes till bedtime,” Dad screams out. The little boy is looking out the window, and the hamster is screaming, “They’re coming.” I wonder who he is talking about. Who do we think is coming?

“All aboard!” Uh oh! We see some hamster family coming in the house. Does he look excited that they are coming in? I don’t know. Let’s see what happens.

Nine minutes till bedtime. He does look a little happy. He has a smile on his face. The conductor is saying, “Nine minutes, Weeeee.” They have quite a few hamsters on that cart.

“Eight minutes till bedtime.” Eight minutes. They’re bringing food and got a little umbrella there and a stroller. He’s feeding some animal crackers to his friends. Seven minutes till bedtime.

Seven minutes, seven minutes! He’s brushing his teeth before he goes to bed. I hope you all brush your teeth before you go to bed. That’s an important task to do before you go to bed.

Six minutes till bedtime. Six minutes! He’s rushing to put his jammies on with his slippers. He’s running through and he’s got a lot more friends running around. What do you think will happen next?

“Five minutes till bedtime.” He’s reading a bedtime story, and if you can see which story he is reading, It’s “10 minutes till bedtime.” The same one we’re reading. Uh oh. Now he’s saying that more are coming. More! More! More! Does he look excited to have more hamsters coming to his room? Oh, my goodness! Look at all those little cars going into the house, and they’re saying, “Welcome, Welcome, Welcome.” I don’t know how welcome they are.

Four minutes till bedtime his dad screams out, and they’re still coming in. Would your parents like them all coming in? He has a full house! Look at his room and all these hamsters! I’m sure there’s about 100 here. Oh, my goodness! Three minutes till bedtime. Hey wait! Uh Oh!

Two minutes till bedtime. Two minutes. They’re all in the bathroom now. What do you think they are going to do? What’s going to happen? The water is running in the tub! One minute till bedtime, and they’re all in the tub like its one big happy pool. One minute. Uh oh! Bedtime! Now they have to scramble out of there. Look at his face. He knows he has to hurry up. He’s running around putting his jammies on, drying up, trying to drink his milk here. He’s running, running, running. It is bedtime. He’s looking awfully tired. “Stop!” He tells all the hamsters. What do you think will happen to the hamsters? Where are they going to go?

“Bedtime!” He screams to everyone. They all start getting in their cars and moving out, and he’s saying bye. Ad comes in and gives him a goodnight kiss. They’re all strolling out for the night, and he’s fast asleep. And that is the end of our story. Good night everyone.

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